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Hello, I am Rooi

* Artist in resident for Ryde Council *

I live in Sydney with my 2 paw-babies, Toto and Lulu.

'Stop doodling about, get back to your homework!', my ma used to say when she caught me doodling. Growing up in a Chinese family in Malaysia, art was not exactly frowned upon but it was not encouraged either. Art does not make money, full stop!!

I remember I was always drawing on spare bits of paper, books, cardboard lying around. I drew countless drawings of palm and coconut trees, raised kampong houses with chooks and cartoon characters. It seems I always aspired to be an artist!
And then I grew up, started work and life was good until 2013. And then I discovered urban sketching!

Little did I know then that this feel-good hobby would turn into a full-on passion, firing me up each day and giving me lifelong friends along the way as a bonus. That was the start of a good sort of addiction and my life has slowly but surely changed.

I had my first solo exhibition in 2018 with 54 paintings/ sketches I did on my first Europe trip. The excitement and rewards were amazing.

Now I see my surroundings in terms of colour, value, contrast, composition and what draws my eyes in. The thrill of capturing what I see before me and translating it onto paper is priceless. I dream about travelling and sketching the world!

This website is the first of many steps to come in my efforts to document my journey as an artist. It offers me a platform to share and showcase my work.

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